iXolr - Designed for iPad
CIXReader is the new way to access CIX Forums on your Windows Desktop and read messages either off-line or on-line. Allows instant and draft postings, immediate access to whole topics, forums and automatically keeps in sync with the CIX Forums web interface. iXolr is the CIX offline reader for the Apple iPad. Designed by Bryan Boreham it is currently in its third generation of development. Much like Ameol and Vole, it allows you to download Forum messages and view them as a threaded conversation. This can also work on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
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Ameol - Designed for Windows
Vole - Designed for Mac
Ameol is the original offline reader, for CIX, the original social network. Originally developed in 1993 it allowed customers to download their Forums without having to be tied up on a dial-up call. Even with the onset of broadband is remains a popular platform for download, reading and replying to Forums in a similar fashion to an email client. Vole is the Apple Mac equivalent to Ameol allowing you to download, read and reply to messages. The layout is set as a familiar 3 pane interface as you would normally expect to see from a mail client such as Outlook or Entourage. However unlike these mail programs, a threaded conversation topic can be followed.
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